YiaDes for iOS and Android

Using the slogan “Marketing went mobile”, the smartphone app YiaDes was built with a UI which combines simple notes-like aesthetics with a simple set of user navigational elements.

The graphics were intentionally made to look “sketchy” rather than drawn in order to give the feeling as if someone would have taken a quick note on a paper for a discount ad on a shop he had just walked by. To explain the process of the straightforwardness of the business model, the latter has also been described on sketches with paper-like textured backgrounds, and short animated videos.

The app takes the user easily from its content (offers, discounts, etc.) to the intended destination (to redeem a coupon using an online barcode process, offline codes and others).

App owner: Exis

Art direction, UI, animation: Ioannis Belegrinis
Logo design: Lazaros Vasileiadis
Sketch design: Maria Sotiropoulou