Who is Atomic Orange

My name is Ioannis Belegrinis, and I am based in Athens, Greece. Atomic Orange has been the main brand title behind my web & graphic design work since 2008.

After graduating from Staffordshire University in UK, I worked for 2 years in HP in Germany, designing & building user interfaces for business-critical web-based systems. Returning to Greece, I started working on web design/”choreography”, seminars on interactive motion, and design in general. Lately working as a close partner of Psycholate and Starttech Ventures, I work “feeling creative” (FB-sic).

To reach Atomic Orange please send an e-mail to info@atomicorange.gr.

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2016, European Design Awards, Identity / Brand logo, Bronze
Project: Blueline Agency: Starttech Ventures

2014, ​Digital Media Awards, Thematic Blogs, Silver
Project: Neolaia.gr​, Agency: Hangover media

2013, Social Media Awards Greece, Best use of social media for a consumer brand, Bronze
Project: Misko Paradosiaka, Agency: Aea Relate

2013, e-Volution Awards, Dynamic newcomers, Merit
Project: Neolaia.gr

2006, British Computer Society for Staffordshire University FYPs, 2nd Award
Project: Advanced Digital Delay UI/VST