Global Symfony

Global Symfony is the result of cooperation between Psycholate and Dr. Joel Ginsburg, which has brought about a questionnaire that precisely measures the desired qualities of virtual workers, based on Dr. Ginsburg’s academic and research work on determining the personality characteristics that identify a successful global Virtual Team member. He researched, studied, and evaluated the factors that affect the performances of random globally dispersed virtual team members.

A symphonic musical piece requires a number of musicians to carefully align in time and flow in order to produce complex sounds whose sequence produces the intended music. We decided to use the f-hole found on the most common orchestral elements, the string instruments, and defined the globe as a circle around the name and the hole; the logo was created on this simple concept, and the report and questionnaire implementations were based on this as well.

We created a website to host the Global Symfony description and concept explanation, as well as a special landing page for a Linked-in campaign targeted to a certain audience. To better explain the idea, an HTML5 canvas animation was created which attempts to give a description of the basic elements of the concept, using a “symphony” of transparent and solid-colour circles.

Concept/Logo design: Ioannis Belegrinis
Sketch design: Maria Sotiropoulou