Endomondo The Lounge

Endomondo, the company which runs the popular fitness tracking mobile application of the same name, asked for a marketing page for the Athletes Lounge, a new area to be presented in 2011.

Choosing how to approach the solution for such a popular website and app needed great care, as any unfamiliar element on the delivered design or the resulted user experience workflow could have easily worked as a negative distraction to the user.

The graphs needed to match the branding specifications while introducing new ideas as well, as the Atheletes’ Lounge would be a whole new section in the Endomondo website. It needed to look “premium” enough, while sticking to the brand at the same time, to make it look familiar to the users which have already been using the administration area for many months.

The design and implementation was done also for the layout of the scores views inside the Athletes Lounge, integrating successfully with the look-and-feel of the app at that time.