Aroma Café absurd catalogue

Aroma Café asked for a menu for its new coffee place. The menu was built focusing on two important things that the café should address.

First of all, the target audience would be students of training institutes in the area around the café. The idea of using just a modern or simply a retro-urban style was going to produce a non-authentic look, as at the time it can be said that these could be referred to as “too trendy”.

Secondly, the café had too many products that made the catalogue in production very difficult to read quickly. For this, we decided to separate the “too cool” or the “not so ordinary” drinks and food from the usual café products.

The result was a pair of catalogues, one called “Katalogos” (the catalogue) and the other one “Paralogos” (the absurd). Everything was dressed up with cool pictures from older Piraeus and its people in the background, with cool offee- or tea-related popular quotes.