Panathinaikos – It’s a green gift!

We were asked by the Greek basketball club of Panathinaikos to design and implement a Facebook application which would allow people to offer gift cards directly to their friends during Christmas.

It was decided that the basic form would be very straightforward, as important personal data would be entered at the payment process anyway. The form consisted of three steps, one for the friend selection, one for the card value, and a final one for basic information entry.

The English equivalent for “travelling” in basketball is “steps”. As the final form would consist of three steps, the tagline encouraged the visitors to break the “steps” rule. The page was designed to scroll together with the user as he/she would be completing it, before taking him/her to the secure payment form, with arrows and texts guiding the process.

Design/concept: Ioannis Belegrinis, Maria Sotiropoulou, Nikolas Mpardakis